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kenyan group pic9 Dec 2011- Kenya- A plan by the US government to use foreign aid and diplomacy to push countries into recognising homosexuals has sparked outrage in Kenya.

Religious leaders on Thursday vowed to resist attempts to impose homosexuality on Kenyans even at the cost of losing billions of shillings in American aid.

Addressing diplomats in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that Washington would henceforth use foreign aid and diplomacy to push foreign governments into recognising the rights of gays and lesbians.

She stressed that even “gay rights are human rights,” and directed US government agencies to consider gay rights when determining who gets American aid.

Kenya has received $713,951 million from the US government this year alone for military training, anti-drug trafficking, anti-terrorism, health and child survival and the fight against Aids.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya general secretary Canon Peter Karanja said: “America and other western powers have no right to bully other countries. It is obnoxious and amounts to neo-colonialism.”

The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims national vice-chairman Alhaji Abdullahi Kiptanui accused America of seeking to introduce evil practices in the country saying the Quran and the Bible condemn homosexuality.

Mumias Anglican Church of Kenya Bishop Beneah Salala and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus is Alive Ministries, said: “We are not going to yield to pressure from the US.”

The government-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Lawrence Mute said: "I will comment on Friday.”

When Mrs Clinton spoke on Tuesday, many ambassadors walked out of the room. Last month, the UK government also threatened to cut financial aid to countries that do not recognise the rights of homosexuals.

Ugandan presidential adviser John Nagenda said: “We are tired of these lectures and should not be treated like children.”

Nigeria plans to introduce a law which criminalises gay marriages.

Malawi budget support has been suspended over concerns about its attitude to gay rights.

By Peter Leftie