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04 Jan 2012- Kampala, Uganda- Rights activist have hit back at Dr James Nsaba Buturo following a recent demand to government to stand against proponents of homosexuality to protect the interests of Ugandans from being compromised by western inducements.

“Dr Buturo, like others who think like him, does not understand anything about being a gay. If he is open to learning, he should ask people in the know to help him understand other than saying something for the sake of it,” said Mr Moses Kigozi, the president of Uganda sexual minorities in the Diaspora.

He said: “When Dr Buturo talks about our culture, he must also remember that what people do in their bedroom is not washed in public according to most of African culture.”

Mr Kigozi asked the former ethics minister to desist from speaking about how people enjoy their personal time but rather talk about serious things like corruption that is killing the country.

Last week Dr Buturo representing anti-gay organisation- Coalition for advancement of moral values in Uganda asked the public to desist from considering homosexuality as a respectful way of life because our cultures consider it as an abomination.

“Ugandans have rejected this labeling or marketing by arguing that homosexuality is not an in-born condition like race and colours are. They have argued that it is an acquired lifestyle. They do not accept that it is a human rights issue,” said Dr Buturo.
But Kigozi whose organisation caters for gay people who have fallen out with their families accused Dr Buturo of instigating the population to mob suspected homosexuals.

He observed that there people whose life is threatened because of their sexual orientation; “The rights of gays are being supported by humanists including US governments and the European , in the interest of protecting lives.”

Dr Buturo warned that western leaders in partnership with homosexuals have resorted to using economic and political threats and bribes against nations and individuals that are against the vice.

He accused the western leaders of misleading the world. He pointed out that what US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who said homosexuals are a minority group that deserves the sympathy of the world “is utterly wrong and unacceptable”.

Utility: In Uganda, government have since thrown out the Anti-Homosexuality Bill by Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati, saying it was unnecessary since there are a number of laws in place criminalising homosexual activities.

-The US and Britain have recently indicated that they will deny aid to countries that are hostile to homosexuals.

By Juliet Kigongo