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03 Jan 2012- Ever since the UK government’s international development department threatened to withdraw aid from those African countries whose governments discriminate against lesbians and gays, it has become very difficult for some UK LGBT funders to assist NGOs operating in some African countries.

Africanveil is an organization that has been supporting NGOs in Africa, India and South America through the donation of condoms, mosquito nets and anti malaria repellants. But after the British prime minister made a speech stating his government will in future link aid to gay rights in Africa, Africanveil is now finding it hard to dispense this aid.

Ndanji Chola, editor of Africanveil, said, “It’s now very hard for us as a gay organization to give donations to a lot of the NGOs we currently support because those governments targeted by the UK for the aid/gay rights restriction are checking where those donations come from.”

Mr. Chola continued, “Our main concerned is for the people that need to use these supplies. What these governments are doing is political and not in the interest of their own people. Malaria is a killer disease and condoms prevent disease and preventing donations to NGOs just because they come from a gay donor will cost lives.”

To circumvent these checks and get the donations through Africanveil is now trying to donate to some organizations in a way that will be very discrete, but it remains to be seen if this will be discovered by the governments in question.   

By Mphatso