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sa les pic12 Dec 2011- Durban, South African- Mario Tsawe was today sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his elderly gay lover Dennis Roberts and Roberts’s sister Crystal.

Tsawe, 29, had pleaded guilty last week to both murders as well as two counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Tsawe said he had met his lover, Roberts,75, on a gay internet site and a three-month relationship ensued.

Tsawe said the sister, 71, did not “take to him” and accused him of being a “sponge”. Not long after Roberts had moved in with Tsawe in October, the relationship soured.

He conspired to lure Roberts back into his life by logging on to the website where they met, under a different name, and arranged a meeting where Tsawe’s friend Sthe Ximba posed as “Ernest” and met Roberts at the Formula 1 lodge on November 27.

Tsawe strangled Roberts with an electrical cord and used the same cord on Roberts’s sister the next day.

Acting Durban High Court Judge Karthy Govender sentenced Tsawe to 15 years imprisonment for each count of robbery and to two life sentences for both murders.

He ordered that the sentences run concurrently.