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BONELA and the Parliament AIDS Committee who were trying to find ways of making condoms available in prisons and to lobby MP's to advocate for condoms to be issued to prisoners to curb the spread of the HIV virus..

The BONELA team argued that homosexuality in prisons was a fact that could not be denied. Gaborone Central MP, Mr. Dumelang Saleshando, said AIDS was rife in prisons therefore inmates should be provided with condoms.

But Moatlhodi, MP for Tonota North said no way would he support the idea; if he had power, he would have those who practice homosexuality killed.

“On this point I would agree with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe who once described that behaviour as that of western dogs; I don’t like those gay people and will never tolerate them. They are demonic and evil,” he said.

“When there are so many women in this country, why would anyone choose to have sex with another man?  The Bible does not agree with such a thing and therefore it is evil; if we give prisoners condoms, are we are now saying they are free?”

Moatlhodi said inmates should learn that by having chosen to break the law they were imprisoned and thus were responsible for starving themselves of sex.

BONELA had invited an inmate to the meeting to give testimony. The man (name with- held) said "men messing around with other men" was a lifestyle for most people in prison.

“We are gay men and women and we are not just fooling around. You have to understand that while in prison some men do have sexual relationships with others, and these are not necessarily gay or bisexual men; these are guys who need some type of sexual relief and if it is with another man, so be it. I have seen happily married men have gay relationships,” he said.

The inmate said it was high time gays were accepted in the society in order to halt the spread of HIV. 

“Human beings -sexual creatures - when locked up for many years can get sexually frustrated, which leads to sex with whoever is closest to you at the time; is it wrong if one does this while married? Yes, but it is a choice that one makes,” he said.

The inmate revealed that, “Where I went to prison (Boys-Boys) roughly 100 out of 160 prisoners have either had relations, or wanted to have relations with another man. The more feminine a guy (as in my case) looks, the more he is wanted.

“And yes, these men were straight, gay, bi, married, fathers, engaged, etc. This by no means suggests that all men do this,” he said.

“The gay lifestyle is not "sick", "nasty", "perverted", or "gross" as some people say disparagingly; it is simply two people showing love for one another, and it shouldn't be confused with horny men in prison who are looking for the first thing that comes along.

“While we all have different views and opinions, please remember that we should not offend those who are different from us,” he pleaded