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If you don’t have HIV, getting fucked without a condom by a guy with HIV and him cumming inside you is a riskiest sex you can have. You can also catch HIV if you are the one doing the fucking.

Sucking cock is also risky when it comes to HIV if the HIV-negative guy is the one doing the sucking and an HIV-positive guy cums in his mouth.

No one has ever caught HIV from having their cock sucked but you can catch other STIs.

STIs can make you more likely to catch HIV or make you more likely to pass it on if are HIV-positive.     


10 ways to improve your sex life this month





1- Buy something leather
There's nothing like the smell and feel of leather to arouse your inner biker. Chaps, shorts, vest or even just a wrist or arm band will do.

2-Try after play

Don't just roll over and start snoring, keep it going. Kissing, hugging, massage, the next thing you know you'll be starting all over again.

3-Find the prostate
The rubbing up against your prostate is what makes getting fucked feel so good. It's located about two inches inside your arse. Find yours and your sex partner's and you will be a legend.

4-Buy some good lube
A good shag can be ruined by rubbish lube or no lube at all.. Invest in some good water- or silicon-based lube.

5-Get a boyfriend
Sex on demand - what more do you want? Plus since you are having sex with the same guy over and over, you can really find out what both you like and can go for it.

6-Respect your boyfriend
If you're in relationship make time for each other, do romantic things, communicate clearly, and don't sleep around if you're supposed to be monogamous.

7-Make time for sex
Being spontaneous is fantastic but organising a evening full of fun with your partner can be fantastic too and full of surprises.

8-Spruce yourself up
From your personal grooming to your online pictures, make sure you look your best. If you think you look good, you will feel sexy and will be a better shag.

9-Stop smoking
Not only does it give you smelly breath, yellow teeth and bad skin, it also can affect your hard-ons, leaving them less...hard

10-Have a threesome
This is some guy's dream, but it can turn into a nightmare. Try at your own risk, especially if two of the three are you and your boyfriend. 


Popper (amyl/butyl nitrite) is a common drug used during sex. It can increase the pulse rate, cause dizziness and relax involuntary muscles- especially the blood vessel walls and the opening of your arse. Guys who use it say it helps them to get fucked more easily. Some types of poppers have been banned recently but others are still available.

If you are HIV-negative and get fucked by a HIV-positive guy without using condoms your risk of getting HIV increases when you sniff poppers. This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be at risk if you didn’t sniff poppers and got fucked without a condom, just that the risk goes up- you’re more likely to get infected.
This may be because of poppers can cause the blood vessels in your arse to dilate which gives the virus a better chance of getting into the bloodstream. It may also be linked to the fact that poppers can relax the arse muscles making it easier for some men to get fucked longer. You should never use poppers in combination with Viagra or other anti-impotence drugs as their interaction can cause heart attack

5 tips for fellas getting fucked

1. Relax- This is the most important thing if you’re going to get fucked. Take long deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. A hot bath before sex is a great way to relax.

2. Lots of lube- This is the second essential. Water or silicon-based lube is a must for fucking with condoms.

3. Give it a finger- Use your own finger to explore down there. Find out what feels good and what doesn’t, then you can guide. The prostate gland is called the male g-spot and is a one-stop pleasure spot. It’s located only a few centimetres inside your arse.

4. It’s not supposed to hurt- Contrary to what you may have head, getting fucked, even the first time, shouldn’t hurt. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but this shouldn’t last longer. Your anal muscles naturally try and fight off invasion-going into seizure when anything is introduced too quickly. Slow it down, give them time to relax and pain should go away.

5. Mind the bend- After the short canal that connects the anal opening to the rectum, the rectum tilts towards the front of the body. A few inches in, it turns back-sometimes as much as 90 degrees. Then after a few more inches, it drops towards the front of the body again. This is the biggest reason why some sexual positions are comfortable and some are not. Since its not a straight  route and every cock ( and body) is different, you’ll soon find out which positions are right for you.