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Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras - 19 Feb 2021




Solo- Masturbation

Practice, Practice, Practice, there are a few solo-masturbation techniques that, different speeds and in different positions, can produce orgasms of varying intensity. You probably have got your favourite. The key to enjoying yourself sexually is variation and experimentation.

Here are 4 different ways of masturbating, you could try these ones as well if at all you feel like trying out something different.

Basic Stroke - This is when you lie on your backing a comfortable spot and wrap your right hand (if you’re right-handed; otherwise, use your left hand) around your erect cock and stroke up and down the shaft. The benefit of this approach is that you have a lot of skin-to-skin contact between your hand and your dick, and you will stimulate a lot of nerves this way. While you’ve got one hand working on your cock, the other is free to tug gently on your balls, play with your asshole, squeeze your nipples, or fast-forward the porno flick with the remote control. You can stroke off while standing, kneeling or lying on your side.


Backhand Grip - The basic grip is when your hand is wrapped around your dick, with your thumb and forefinger at the top of your shaft while your pinkie is closer to your testicles. The backhand grip is when you rotate your wrist so that when your inverted hand is on your dick, your pinkie finger is near the head. You may have to stroke one side for this wank to work.

Bed Bump - This technique is when you use your whole body to stimulate the motions of sex with a partner. Lie face down on a bed or floor. You can hold your erect cocking your motionless hand (or hands) and thrust your cock in and out of your fist to approximate fucking a little more closely than the basic approach. Try facedown with a pillow under your hips with silk sheet or with soft, low-friction material under your dick. You can also try this position with a condom that you’ve lubed on the inside and then slipped over your dick.


Belly Rub - This is when you lie on your back and, with your hand extended flat (rather than in grip), roll your lubed penis back and forth across your stomach. By rubbing your cock against your belly, you’ll sense some different, perhaps new sensation, and new sensations are always good. For added pleasure try doing it in front of the mirror, pick up a dirty magazine for inspiration, pop in a porno.


Coming out to your family

30 Aug 2007- Telling your family that you are gay can be the biggest hurdle of all. There are many gay men who lead gay lifestyle and have boyfriends often for year and years- and yet are not out to their families. Because of all the covering up they have to do, they lead a double life that can be mentally and physically exhausting. For a start, there is a problem of avoiding questions regarding girlfriends and marriage...

Coming out to someone else

20 Aug 2007- The next stage of coming out is to tell someone else about how you feel. This is normally a feeling you have inside you and you just want to share your news with someone. However you need to give this step some thought...

Coming out to yourself

02 July 2007- Many gay men say that the first stage in their coming out was coming out to themselves. This stage involves accepting yourself and feeling good about who you are and the fact that you are gay. For some guys this is not an issue and they come to terms with their sexuality from an early age...

But why come out?

27 July 2007- Zambia- Most gay men say it’s a relief to tell others how they feel. For many, including myself, it can feel as if a massive weight has been lifted off the shoulders. There is a sense of relief that a secret has finally been let out and all the pretending to be someone you are not can stop...

Out of the Closet

22 July 2007- Speaking about coming out of the closet, this is not an easy stage for an African gay man to come out. It’s a stage when you have to choose either to be outcast by your family, the community and the society, or be able to pretend all your life so as to keep your family close by...

Miracle of Lube

Your foreskin acts like a little friction-reducing flesh tube, providing smooth sailing over the glands when you’re masturbating. Circumcised guys, on the other hand, typically need a little motion lotion to prevent chapping and friction burns on their penis.

Lube is great for hand jobs, blow jobs, f***ing, and also for advanced play such as fisting or the use of anal beads. Several kinds of lubricants are available at most drugstores these days, we have three types of lubes for you to try out.


Oil-based Lube- This is a slippery and is best when you’re masturbating alone or with someone. Because it erodes latex, it’s absolutely not to be used with condoms, dental dams, or latex gloves.


Water-based Lube- Water-based lubes are subject to evaporation and can dry out after a while, but a reapplication or a little rewetting with few drops of water of spit can make the lubed area slick again. There can be a number of varieties, and some brands include a number of different flavours like grape, bubble gum, and green apple.

Silicone-based Lube- These will not erode condoms and other latex. They’re safe to use on all your body parts, and they stay slick for ages.

There are a bunch of household products that that would do the trick when you’ve just got to get off. You could call them house hold lubes ( and vegetable oil, olive oil, mineral oil, peanut oil, etc.) eats away at latex and is no-no for safe sex. Vaseline, baby oil, and hand lotion work for masturbation and massage.


Condoms are just part of gay life. And if condoms are going to work for you, you have to make sure you do what’s right for them.

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