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Miracle of Lube

Your foreskin acts like a little friction-reducing flesh tube, providing smooth sailing over the glands when you’re masturbating. Circumcised guys, on the other hand, typically need a little motion lotion to prevent chapping and friction burns on their penis.

Lube is great for hand jobs, blow jobs, f***ing, and also for advanced play such as fisting or the use of anal beads. Several kinds of lubricants are available at most drugstores these days, we have three types of lubes for you to try out.


Oil-based Lube- This is a slippery and is best when you’re masturbating alone or with someone. Because it erodes latex, it’s absolutely not to be used with condoms, dental dams, or latex gloves.


Water-based Lube- Water-based lubes are subject to evaporation and can dry out after a while, but a reapplication or a little rewetting with few drops of water of spit can make the lubed area slick again. There can be a number of varieties, and some brands include a number of different flavours like grape, bubble gum, and green apple.

Silicone-based Lube- These will not erode condoms and other latex. They’re safe to use on all your body parts, and they stay slick for ages.

There are a bunch of household products that that would do the trick when you’ve just got to get off. You could call them house hold lubes ( and vegetable oil, olive oil, mineral oil, peanut oil, etc.) eats away at latex and is no-no for safe sex. Vaseline, baby oil, and hand lotion work for masturbation and massage.