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In I Love You Phillip Morris, funnyman Jim Carrey's character, in a slight departure from previous roles, has a "spectacular, ride ’em-cowboy sex scene" early in the movie. Even though the film has already secured distribution in Europe, American distributors are a bit hesitant according to The Times of London. "The depiction of the sexual activity was far more than I’ve ever seen in a mainstream film with a mainstream celebrity," said Lewis Tice, director of publicity and marketing at TLA Releasing.

"There’s a graphic sex scene in the first 10 minutes that I was surprised to see." Eager to quickly find a domestic distributor for a theatrical release, the film's producers are editing the project to help ease in the film for American audiences. If I Love You Phillip Morris fails to find a theatrical run in the States, the movie may just go straight to DVD.

The story centers on real-life con-man Steven Marshall (Carrey) who discovers that his lofty life in Miami is running a tad expensive. After being nabbed for fraud, Steven is sent to prison where he falls in love with cellmate Phillip Morris (McGregor). Steven goes to impossible lengths to spend time with him, including a jailbreak, pretending to be his lawyer along with a CFO of major corporation.