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Up until now Queen Latifah has stayed behind the camera. But in the latest episode, she enters as Sharon Love, an on camera reporter.

In the episode, Sharon Love admits to being gay in what she believes to be a private conversation. Not so. The conversation was recorded and later aired.

 While she thought this would be her downfall it actually worked in her favor.

“It turns out being gay is fabulous. My Twitter is all atwitter. I have six new Facebook fan pages. And for every sponsor that’s fallen out, I’ve gotten two more. Who knew? Being gay is the new black.”

Hmmmm… what is Queen La trying to do?

Whether she’s using her character as a vehicle of expression or she’s playing with our minds, I can’t help but laugh either way. Smooth move Queen. We all have our speculations about her sexuality. But we can’t be completely certain until she either confirms or denies it, which is highly unlikely.

So is this art imitating life or just a commentary on the “controversy” that’s surrounded her since the days of “Set It Off”?

Whatever Queen Latifah’s truth may be, whether she’s black and gay or just black she’s fabulous either way.